Legends of Tomorrow Star Has a Perfect Reaction to the Show Not Going to San Diego Comic-Con

With San Diego Comic-Con just under a month away, more details about the panels and other events for the huge pop culture convention are starting to emerge and that includes panel information for Warner Bros. Television. However, while their schedule features appearances for Arrowverse favorites such as Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and even the upcoming Batwoman. But DC's Legends of Tomorrow was absent from the list -- and series star Tala Ashe had the best response to the reveal.

On Twitter, a fan noted that they were disappointed to hear that the show wouldn't have a presence at San Diego Comic-Con and that they would miss seeing the stars of the series. Ashe replied with a very on-point observation: the whole situation is very "on-brand" for Legends, check it out below.

If you're not familiar, the Legends are sort of the misfit team in the Arrowverse, hoping around time trying to keep the timeline and, thus, the universe, from being a complete disaster. Because of these adventures, the team didn't appear in last fall's "Elseworlds" crossover event. It's a situation that the show directly referenced and poked a bit of fun at during their own Season 4 finale when members of the team had to dress up as Supergirl, Green Arrow, and The Flash -- they were trying to get people to come to Nate's (Nick Zano) theme park. You can read more about that here -- when the real heroes turned them down. "We should've done the crossover," Nate noted.


With that in mind, the idea of Legends being left off the roster for San Diego Comic-Con is really a very Legends thing to happen. Of course, fans have been taking the news in stride with many of them having a very pragmatic perspective on things. With Crisis on Infinite Earths coming this fall, we know that all of the Arrowverse shows will be involved and impacted in some way. As the Legends are already deep in messing around with reality as part of their job protecting the timeline, they could end up having a significant role in things. After all, The Monitor did show up in the final moments of the episode, watching disapprovingly as the team dealt with the threat of the demon Neron. He did stop to enjoy some popcorn, though. Some fans have theorized that the show's absence is because, with its season premiere expected around the end of Crisis, it just makes more sense for them to sit things out.

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