Red Hood Endorses Joel Schumacher’s Batman & Robin in New GEGGHEAD Video

1997’s Batman & Robin may be considered the worst Batman film by some, but the movie has one very important fan: Red Hood. In the latest Super Stakeouts video from GEGGHEAD, the DC character defends the Joel Schumacher classic, which greatly offends Red Hood’s stakeout partner, Nightwing. Played by Freddie Prinze Jr. and Jon Lee Brody, the two heroes are once again at odds in the new sketch.

“You actually liked Batman & Robin?,” Nightwing asks.

“You actually didn’t?,” replied a shocked Red Hood.

“I’m just gonna say it, I don’t like how I look in that movie,” Nightwing explains. “Chris O'Donnell’s gonna be Dick Grayson? That’s not me.”

“Yeah, he f***** up,” Red Hood agreed.

Check out the full debate in the video above. This isn’t the first time the two characters have disagreed in a Super Stakeouts video. Together, they’ve done everything from argue about the Batmobile, debate the merits of calling 911, and beatbox to the Backstreet Boys. spoke to Brody about the new video, and asked how he really feels about Batman & Robin.

“Over the years I’ve learned to accept Batman & Robin,” he explained. “Because it’s not actually a Batman movie. It’s a cosplay comedy. When you look at it in that context (like Red Hood).”

He also shared his favorite Batman films:

“Burton’s Batman from 1989 or Dark Knight (my first professional gig), but if we’re including animation then I’ll have to go with Mask of The Phantasm or Return of the Joker,” he replied. (Brody played a waiter in The Dark Knight.)

We also made sure Brody knows George Clooney was never actually on Welcome Back Kotter.

“On Earth 75 Clooney was on Kotter,” he joked. “And Travolta was on Facts of Life. You can quote me on that.”


Outside of GEGGHEAD, Brody’s latest project is Office Uprising, an action/comedy/horror film he executive produced that features Brenton Thwaites, Zachary Levi, Jane Levy, Alan Ritchson, and Karan Soni.

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