Batwoman Recap With Spoilers: Kate Becomes Her Own Hero in "Down Down Down"

Batwoman has already proved to be a bit of a hit for The CW, and the series' latest installment will surely be no exception. This week's episode saw Kate coming into her own as a hero - and getting her proper costume - in a pretty unique way. Here's what you need to know about this week's episode, "Down Down Down".


Alice has a nightmare of her time being captured as a child. Meanwhile, Kate writes a letter to Bruce about the fact that Alice knows she's Batwoman. She questions whether or not she's able to carry on in Bruce's footsteps. Alice turns on the Batsignal and summons Kate to a rooftop. Kate challenges Alice to go one full day without killing someone, and she reluctantly agrees. She then breaks the Batsignal.

A security guard watches a commercial for Elliot Security, a firm that is working alongside The Crows, before he promptly gets murdered. Tommy visits Kate in the Wayne Enterprises building, and reveals that he bought the skyscraper next door. He asks Kate how she feels about Batman returning to Gotham, and brings an invitation for his housewarming party.

Kate learns from Luke that Wayne Enterprises got robbed, at the same time as an effigy of Batman is dropped from a skyscraper and causes a public stir. Luke shows Kate all of the different guns that Bruce made, including one that can significantly puncture the Batsuit and kill Batman. Kate determines that whoever stole the gun knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman, and suggests that Tommy is behind it. Luke suggests that Kate confront him while wearing the Batsuit, but she is hesitant.

Kate arrives for Tommy's party, and finds out about Sophie being Mary's bodyguard. She meets and flirts with Reagan, a bartender at the party. She then has an awkward run-in with Sophie's husband, who didn't initially realize that Sophie and Kate new each other from the academy. Kate talks to Tommy, who seems certain that Bruce is back. She then lets him know that she knows about the stolen gun.

Meanwhile, Kate finds out that Tommy does have the gun -- and that he stole it to potentially kill Batman, as revenge for him saving his mother and leaving Tommy to deal with her. He then hijacks the elevators that the Kane family are inside of, and threatens to kill them if Kate doesn't lead him to Batman within the next hour. He then cuts one of the elevators, sending it crashing to the ground and killing or seriously injuring everyone inside.

Kate decides that she needs to defeat Tommy, but doesn't want to do so while impersonating Batman. She then has Luke fix up the suit, and officially debuts as Batwoman. She fights Tommy on a rooftop, but he manages to push the button that would disable the elevator Jacob and Catherine are on. Kate uses a double-sided grappling hook to prop up the elevator, but Tommy nearly shoots it down again. He almost sends her falling to her death, but Alice arrives and knocks him out. She realizes that Kate made her costume red to match the color of their birthstone, but then argues that she's no longer Beth.

Tommy gets taken away in handcuffs. Reagan later finds Kate, and offers to call her. Kate later suits up again as Batwoman, and tells Bruce via letter that she's willing to protect the city. Her presence becomes known in Gotham, with Vesper Fairchild calling her a "bombshell" (a nice nod to Batwoman's role in the DC Bombsells universe).

Other tidbits from the episode include:

  • Alice later breaks into the Kane household and riles through the things. She then sees the invitation to Tommy's party, and breaks one of the photos of Jacob, Catherine, and Mary. She kills one of the Crows guards. Alice later calls Jacob to confront him. She questions why he stopped looking for her, and realizes it's because he enjoyed his privilege too much. Jacob rounds up the Kane family to protect them. While stuck in the elevator, Jacob worries that he's paying for the fact that he trusted Kate on Alice. Later, Catherine finds a series of cards laid out by Alice in the apartment, but hides them from Jacob. Jacob promises to
  • Sophie trains in a boxing gym with her husband, while clearly still thinking about when she first told Kate she was married. She then goes to Jacob and asks for approval on a special assignment -- to serve as Mary's bodyguard. Mary goes back to her life at Gotham University, which is hindered by Sophie being there. Sophie begins to ask questions about Kate. While stuck in the elevator, Sophie and her husband talk about the fact that she didn't previously mention her history with Kate. They find a way out of the elevator, and Mary begins helping the victims of the first accident.


Batwoman airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW.

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