Supergirl Recap With Spoilers: It's All About Connection in "The Bodyguard"

Supergirl returned Sunday night after a brief hiatus and the episode, "The Bodyguard" saw The CW series' titular heroine paired up with Obsidian CEO Andrea Rojas after an anti-tech extremist targets her. But the threat to Andrea's life wasn't the only technology-based issue in the episode. Lena moved forward with her Non Nocere plans, cementing Lena's partnership with Lex and potentially making her a real enemy for Supergirl. Here's everything you need to know about this week's episode, "The Bodyguard."

Warning: Spoilers for Sunday night's Supergirl, "The Bodyguard", below.

The episode opens with an Obsidian user experiencing a Game of Thrones-style virtual reality experience while Nia, Kara, and Alex marvel at how realistic it all is and Alex struggles to adapt to her post-DEO life. William shows up with coffee for Nia and Kara. Inside the Obsidian offices, Andrea gets into an elevator and it quickly goes into freefall. Supergirl shows up and saves her. Someone tried to kill Andrea and left an anti-Obsidian manifesto demanding that they cancel the Platinum launch. Andrea refuses.

In her lab, Lena continues testing Non Nocere. Lena wants everything to be perfect so that she will win over, or at least not be criticized, by Supergirl. Lex reveals that he has set up a human trial at a prison that the Luthor's own. Elsewhere, Brainy works up a way to use Toyman's mortality code against Leviathan, but they don't have a way to deliver it due to Leviathan's physiology. As news about Andrea reaches Lex, he sees an opportunity to get closer to Leviathan and he orders Supergirl to be a bodyguard.

Supergirl reports to J'onn and Alex about her new role and tells them about the pink energy she noticed. Lex convinces Gemma to let Supergirl guard Andrea. At the prison, Lena gets to work on her trials and things appear to work as planned. Supergirl discovers that William will be following Andrea around all day. J'onn and Alex get a lead about the extremist after Andrea and they ask Brainy for help, but he lies about what he finds.

While Supergirl and William chat, the extremist attacks, but Andrea is unwilling to call off the Platinum launch, but at the prison, the human trials start to go wrong. Steve, a mild-mannered inmate, has a bad reaction to Non Nocere and a grand mal seizure. He tells Lena he suddenly felt like he wanted to be the bully, a hunger for revenge and violence. Lena "fixed the monsters" but broke him, much to her horror. At a farm outside of National City, J'onn and Alex encounter one of the extremists and, in distress, Alex signals for Supergirl. She ditches Andrea at the DEO and goes to assist.


It turns out that Todd Sapphire, a former Obsidian employee who was obsessed with the technology and was subsequently fired killed himself and now his wife, Amy, is the extremist going after Andrea. She attacks at CatCo and Supergirl shows up to fight her. However, Amy is able to use her own tech to steal Supergirl's powers so Dreamer temporarily slows Amy down but she still heads for the core to stop the launch.

Andrea develops her shadow powers (the ones she had pre-"Crisis" but had not exhibited since) while in a DEO holding cell. Brainy tries to access the core failsafe but can't and Andrea shows up to deal with the failsafe to the failsafe. With one second to spare, Supergirl talks Amy out of her plan. The launch goes live. At the Tower, J'onn gives Alex a cool Martian weapon that can be literally anything she envisions it to be. Andrea goes full Acrata after picking up the medallion. At the prison, Lena updates Steve's Non Nocere and it works. Kara decides to go on a date with William after realizing she's been avoiding reality herself. Brainy starts to become more disillusioned with Lex, while Lex gets closer to Leviathan.

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