Cody Rhodes Explains How He Got Stephen Amell to Wrestle at All In

Arrow star Stephen Amell is set to be in a one-of-a-kind wrestling match this upcoming weekend, [...]

Arrow star Stephen Amell is set to be in a one-of-a-kind wrestling match this upcoming weekend, and now we have a bit of an idea of how it came about.

In an interview with, Cody Rhodes spoke about All In, a PPV wrestling event set for September 1st. One of the night's most highly-anticipated events is set to be a singles match between Amell and veteran wrestler Christopher Daniels, an event that was somewhat inspired by Amell and Rhodes' first time in the ring together.

"Well, Stephen got it in his blood." Rhodes explained. "The first time he came back, we were in Barkley Center when he did the match with Stardust. When he came to the curtain, he got a standing ovation. He got it in his blood, man. It doesn't matter what age you are, if you're a millionaire already, the feeling of pro wrestling for an entertainer, for a show person, there's nothing like it. And he wanted a singles match immediately after that. Immediately."

"Arrow marches on, and we didn't necessarily get there with Stardust." Rhodes continued. "But when we talked about this event, I obviously thought what a wonderful moment that would be, and at the same time, I was heading back to Arrow for five episodes now."

With regard to Daniels', Rhodes hinted that he and Amell both have some major qualities in common -- both inside and outside of the ring.

"And C.D., I don't know, he was the right person at the right time." Rhodes revealed. "I mean, if I'm talking as a real insider perspective, here's two guys that I would give the world to. I won my first world title from Christopher Daniels, and I may dislike him. He's literally busted my lip and both my eyebrows, but I'll have a bond with that guy forever because of it. And Stephen, even though I read for eight different parts and finally got something, Stephen has been a big part of my career. That was my favorite thing that I did as Stardust. It really helped me learn the character, and to be able to come into his world, and that's something that I want to pursue, and we're doing more with after."

"So it's just two of the greatest people ever, and plus, they're both super contrarian." Rhodes elaborated. "They're both super aggressive, and competitive, so I just feel like it's going to be a full blown hockey fight, and I'm excited for that hockey fight. I'll be mortified and terrified if C.D. busts Stephen open like he has done to me every time we've ever been in the ring, but my fingers are crossed, man."

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