'Aquaman' Director Debunks Claim That Twenty Minutes Was Cut From Film

The DC Extended Universe brand has become tainted enough that not even the most hardcore fan can escape their doubts about the future. Aquaman is the next DC / Warner Bros. production headed to theaters, and recently there have been some rumors pointing to more behind the scenes troubles with the studio, when it comes to the theatrical cut of the movie:

However, as stated, fans of the DCEU have become somewhat jaded when it comes to the release of a new film - given what happened with both Batman v Superman, and Justice League. Both of the latter films in Zack Snyder's planned DCEU trilogy were cut to shreds and reassembled in post-production, in order to meet what the studio executives envisioned as their superhero movie brand. Even though Aquaman is supposed to be the first step towards a new brand image for the DCEU after Justice League, it's clear that the rumor and stigma won't let up. Thankfully, Aquaman director James Wan has stepped in to cut this rumor off at the knees:

Wan has had to swat down rumors about Aquaman all throughout the film's production. There were rumors during pre-production that Wan and WB clashed hard over their respective visions for the film, resulting in Wan allegedly walking from the project. He denied as much. During production, there were continuous rumors of problems and reshoots; Wan denied anything unusual was occurring. Now there are rumors during post-production that the film is having problems in the editing bay, and Wan is once again having to respond.

Ultimately, whether Aquaman turns out to be a major success or major failure, it would be understandable if Wan chose to move away from big-budget tentpoles, and back into smaller genre projects like horror. Aside from Aquaman, Wan's other big-budget film was Furious 7, a production which was marred by the sudden death of Paul Walker, which left Wan and Co. facing delays and massive technical challenges to complete the film. In the end, Furious 7 became the franchise's first billion-dollar success - so hopefully Wan's trials with Aquaman will end in a similar manner.

Upcoming DC Extended Universe films include Aquaman on December 21st, Shazamon April 5, 2019, and Wonder Woman 2 on November 1, 2019.