Arrow's Stephen Amell Reveals What Else He Would Have Liked to See in Final Season

While the final season of Arrow was devoted to "Crisis on Infinite Earths" with Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) carrying out various missions for The Monitor to try to stop the coming event, the season also sees Oliver have the opportunity to revisit important people and moments from his life. It's something that allowed Arrow to showcase just how much Oliver grew as a hero and a person while also giving fans some truly powerful moments -- such as seeing Oliver interact with his mother, Moira Queen (Susanna Thompson) in the final season premiere. There were a number of significant returns and moments in those final episodes, but there were also a few people that Oliver didn't get to see that Amell wishes he could have.

During a panel at C2E2 2020 in Chicago this weekend, Amell was asked if there was anyone he felt like Oliver missed out on seeing in that final season and he revealed that there were a couple of people he wished could have appeared.

"I would have liked a scene with Colin Salmon who played Walter Steele. I would have liked to have had a moment with Katrina [Law] who played Nyssa. How long do we have?" Amell said.

As fans may recall, Walter was an important figure during Arrow's first and second seasons. Previously having been close friends with Robert Queen, after the sinking of the Queen's Gambit, Moira and Walter became close with the two ultimately marrying and making Walter Oliver's stepfather when he returned. Oliver and Walter became close and, even after he and Moira divorced, Walter remained supportive of the Queens. An appearance by Walter in the final season would have been a moving one, but it simply didn't happen.

As for Nyssa, Law did briefly appear in the final season of Arrow though the character's return was not one that allowed for an interaction with Oliver. Instead, the former brief leader of the League of Assassins and Oliver's League "wife" attended Oliver's funeral, noting to her sister, Talia, at the event that her marriage to Oliver had been erased.

Even with the absence of Salmon's Walter and Law's Nyssa, Amell said that he was ultimately happy with the people who did get to appear in the final season and that there was nothing that felt like a huge "miss" in those final episodes.

"No, I was very, very happy with the people Oliver got to see," Amell said. "There wasn't anyone on the list so to speak, no pun intended, that we didn't get to that I was like 'well, okay that feels like a miss.' There were a couple of ones that we tried for that we couldn't make happen. That's okay."


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