'Arrow': Josh Segarra On Why Prometheus Was An Effective Villain

Arrow's season five villain Prometheus may have been the best bad guy the series has seen in a long time. Now, actor Josh Segarra is explaining why the twisted Adrian Chase was so effective.

Cinema Blend reports that Segarra weighted in on why he felt Chase was such a good villain and worthy adversary for Oliver Queen.

"I think what made Chase a fun character to play is he had one mission, it wasn't complicated, it didn't get muddled, and he has been plotting this for years. The dude went through law school just to kill someone. He's a fantastic lawyer! That's all secondary," Segarra said.

Being so dedicated to the mission that he'd go to law school certainly does illustrate just how incredibly devoted Chase was to tearing Oliver down and as season five showed, a bad guy with that much resolve proved a difficult villain to defeat. But as Segarra pointed out, Chase may have ultimately died but even in death continued to torment Oliver and he used Felicity to do it, saying her name before ending it all.

"When it came to Felicity I think that he knows that that's the most vulnerable point this man has, you know? It's who he cares about most. It's who I can save until the very end. He went through Susan, tried it [went] 'eh, next.' Went through the crew, 'eh, NEXT.' Then he got to her. The mission was the one and only, so I think that's what he knew at the end," Segarra said.


While it's pretty clear that Chase's mission will have long-reaching impact on Oliver and the rest of Team Arrow, little else is known about the plot for the upcoming sixth season. Some characters have been confirmed as returning, specifically Wild Dog and Black Canary as well as Deathstroke, who else survived Chase's endgame on the island of Lian Yu remains a mystery.

Arrow returns to The CW on Thursdays beginning October 12th.

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