Arrow's Stephen Amell Shares Bloody Selfie

Arrow star Stephen Amell is probably one of the best stars in the business at keeping the fanbase excited and interested via the all-important tool of social media. Amell's Twitter and Facebook feeds are springboards to major reveals and or teases, and today is no different.

Over the weekend, Amell shared a new tweet that definitely got fans talking, as we've never really seen the handsome actor looking quite like this:

The obvious target of fan spculation is that this scene is from the Arrow season 5 flashbacks, set in Russia. The facial hair matches what we've seen of past Oliver so far this season, and given what we've seen from that flashback storyline (about Oliver's induction into The Bratva), it wouldn't be surprising is this was somehow another part of his initiation.

...Of course it could be something else entirely - especially if some (a lot) of that blood isn't Oliver's. That said, the simplest explanation seems like the right one, in this case.


Arrow airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on The CW.