Arrow Star Stephen Amell Holding Daily Instagram Chats With Fans During Coronavirus Pandemic

If you're feeling lonely in self-quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic, Arrow star Stephen [...]

If you're feeling lonely in self-quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic, Arrow star Stephen Amell wants to keep you company. The actor announced on social media that he'll be hosting live chats via Instagram every day at 11 a.m. PT beginning on Wednesday and continuing into the foreseeable future. "I'm live on Instagram tomorrow at 11 am PT," Amell tweeted. "Just to chat. I'll be there every single day at 11 for the foreseeable future. Ya know?!" The coronavirus pandemic has people staying at home to slow the spread of the coronavirus and avoid contracting COVID-19. More and more those people are turning to digital means — be it streaming content, digital hangouts, or video games — to help keep them from contracting cabin fever in the process.

Earlier this year, Amell completed his tenure playing Oliver Queen in Arrow, the series that gave birth to an entire shared universe of DC Comics-inspired television shows on The CW. Amell has said in the past that he's pleased with how the final season of the show turned out.

"I was very, very happy with the people Oliver got to see," Amell said at C2E2. "There wasn't anyone on the list so to speak, no pun intended, that we didn't get to that I was like 'well, okay that feels like a miss.' There were a couple of ones that we tried for that we couldn't make happen. That's okay."

Still, there were few characters he would have liked to have seen one more time. "I would have liked a scene with Colin Salmon who played Walter Steele," Amell said. "I would have liked to have had a moment with Katrina [Law] who played Nyssa. How long do we have?"

But his favorite guest star was Grant Gustin, who debuted as Barry Allen in Arrow before spinning off to lead his own series, The Flash. "Grant. For sure. I really really love and I really valued every opportunity I got to work with Grant," Amell said. "I always felt like when I came out of a scene with Grant or a day of working with him I always felt like I became a little bit of a better actor. No, selfishly, I want to be better."

Gustin shared a similar sentiment last year when the news hit that Arrow's eighth season would be the last. "It's always been clear to me how much it means to Stephen to have the privilege of getting to go on this journey as Oliver Queen," Gustin wrote at the time. "And how much care he's always put towards it. I will never forget oh so many memories we shared together during our hundreds, if not thousands of hours of crossover filming."