Arrow's Stephen Amell Welcomes Ruby Rose as Batwoman to The CW

Batwoman is on her way to the CW thanks to Ruby Rose, and the Green Arrow is welcoming her with [...]

Batwoman is on her way to the CW thanks to Ruby Rose, and the Green Arrow is welcoming her with open arms.

Arrow actor Stephen Amell celebrated the news of Ruby Rose's Batwoman casting with a welcoming message on social media, saying that the character is an instrumental part of the Arrowverse's future.

"Hey @RubyRose — Welcome!! It's characters like Batwoman that will carry our Universe into the future. See you soon!" Amell wrote on Twitter.

Rose couldn't be happier to be a part of the CW Arrowverse family, and recently explained to Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show how emotional she got after finding out she'd been officially cast.

"I found out that I got cast as Batwoman," Rose said. "It's a game changer. I found out an hour before I did the premiere for The Meg and I was so nervous during the red carpet that I basically skipped everybody, because I was worried that... because I kept like spontaneously crying. I feel like I'm probably going to do it now. I kept thinking like what do I say, because everyone always says, 'So what have you got planned next?' And I kept thinking, either I'm going to put my foot in it and accidentally say something or I'm going to just start crying, and they're going to be like... she doesn't look so good. But yeah, I'm so thrilled."

The character has been a fan favorite in the comics and debuted in the comics much like she will on The CW. She first surfaced in the 52 weekly series (specifically Week #7), and once fans saw her costume, they couldn't get enough. However, it wouldn't be until Greg Rucka and J.H. Williams III's take on the character that she would really gain a foundation, as the duo filled out the character's history with some gorgeous visuals to boot.

Since then the character of Kate Kane has been an important part of the DCU, most recently playing a big role in leading Batman's newest team of Gotham protectors in Detective Comics, as well as holding down her own solo series.

Now she'll be an instrumental part of the CW, starting with the anticipated annual crossover episode between Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl. This year, Legends of Tomorrow will sit the crossover out, but in exchange, we do get the debut of Batwoman, so it's hard to complain.

After that, Rose will headline her own series, and we can't wait to see what her version of Gotham looks like.