'New Gods' Director Ava DuVernay Signs $100 Million Deal With Warner Bros. TV

It looks like Ava DuVernay and Warner Bros. TV have a lot of stories to tell.

According to Deadline, DuVernay and her Forward Movement production company have signed a multi-year and multi-genre overall deal with the television studio. The deal will include production and development for drama and comedy series, documentaries, digital content, event projects and longer-form projects for broadcast and cable, premium cable, streaming services and other platforms.

The deal is expected to begin in January of 2019, and reportedly is worth around $100 million.

DuVernay is known for helming films such as Selma and A Wrinkle in Time, as well as serving as an executive producer on Queen Sugar and the upcoming event series Red Line. Her next projects include a Central Park Five miniseries, as well as an upcoming documentary about Prince.

“I’ve had nothing but beautiful experiences working with Peter Roth, Susan Rovner and Brett Paul,” DuVernay explained to Deadline. “They love and support artists in wonderful and nourishing ways. They work within a traditional studio headed by Kevin Tsujihara that is stirring with untraditional energy and fresh protocols for intentional, inclusive image-making. Warner Bros is a terrific partner about matters of visibility and belonging for all kinds and cultures of people, which is our mission at Forward Movement. I couldn’t be happier to call Warner Bros TV my production home.”

“Ava DuVernay is one of the leading lights in our industry, a brilliantly talented writer, producer, director and entrepreneur whose ability to inspire with her art is exceeded only by her ability to entertain,” Peter Roth, Warner Bros TV Group president and chief content officer. “We have had the great pleasure of working with her on Queen Sugar and The Red Line, and we are extremely excited about the new stories she has to tell.”


For DC fans, this news of an extended partnership between DuVernay and Warner Bros. is probably a blessing, as she is expected to helm a live-action New Gods film. The project, which will adapt Jack Kirby's iconic group of cosmic characters, has been in "early development" since it was announced last March. While this new report doesn't give any major updates about the film, it hints that DuVernay is still poised to direct the project "down the line".

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