Batman 1989 Star Kim Basinger Visited Children’s Hospitals as Vicki Vale

Tim Burton's Batman, which starred Michael Keaton as the titular hero, turned 30 this month. The film, which was a success both commercially and critically, spawned three sequels, and in many ways helped establish the modern superhero film genre that fans continue to enjoy to this day through not only DC films, but Marvel movies as well. But it isn't just movies that Batman had a lasting impact on. The film had a lasting impact on star Kim Basinger as well.

Basinger, who played Gotham City's own ace journalist -- and Bruce Wayne/Batman's love interest -- Vicki Vale, in the film only played her iconic role in the first Batman film, she continued to play the character for long after production ended. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Basinger explained that she would go in-character to visit terminally ill children and their families, an experience that she says changed her life.

"After Batman, I went to children's hospitals like you wouldn't believe and I went for years," Basinger said. "I saw kids die and I went through the journey with their parents, but I would always go in as Vicki Vale."

Basinger explained that for her visits she would often wear a dress similar to what she wore on Batman in order to make things as real as possible.

"We would have these wonderful conversations and I would say that Batman was waiting on me downstairs in the Batmobile when we finished," Basinger explained. "I get chills just thinking about that. Anytime you can come in and make their world better, for even an hour or two, that will change their lives and it will change yours."

Basinger's life may have been forever changed by her experiences playing Vicki Vale, there are some things related to superhero movies that have remained the same in the 30 years since Batman's debut -- spoilers. While Marvel Cinematic Universe stars Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo currently hold the crown for accidentally spoiling movies, Batman's Keaton turns out was the OG. Footage of Keaton's appearance on Late Night with David Letterman the day before Batman's opening has been making the rounds with Keaton spoiling the film's big plot twist -- that Joker killed Bruce Wayne's parents.

"Bruce Wayne witnesses the murder of his parents as a kid," Keaton says in response to Letterman's question about why the Joker annoys him. Letterman goes on to explain that the Joker was the one responsible for it, which prompted Keaton to admit he was "blowing the plot".

"Yeah, but he doesn't know it 'til later," Keaton said. "I'm kind of blowing the plot here."


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