Tom King Explains Why Batman and Catwoman Series Was Pushed Back

After announcing his departure from the main Batman comic series, award-winning writer Tom King assured fans that he'd still be working with the iconic DC hero. Instead of continuing with the solo Batman title, King is now working on the story of the relationship between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, which provided the most talked-about arc of his time with the character so far. The new series, Batman Catwoman, was originally set to make its debut on shelves this January, but it looks like that first issue has hit a bit of a delay.

The solicits for January comics were released this week without any mention of Batman Catwoman. This could give some people cause for concern, to King took to Twitter to explain exactly what's going on with the book and why it's being delayed. In a thread of three total tweets, King told readers that there's nothing to worry about with the new book, as artist Clay Mann is going to be illustrating the entire thing and that's just taking a little extra time.

"So. We decided to go big," King wrote. "While working on the initial issues of Bat/Cat, [Clay Mann] and I started to realize that we might have something good here, a Mister Miracle or a Vision in the world of Batman, an attempt to do what Frank did with DKR (Dark Knight Rises), a defining of the characters.

"But to accomplish something that ambitious requires a minimizing of compromises. DKR did not have fill in artists. So Clay offered to do the whole thing, at 22 pages, but he'd of course need time. When the best artist in comics says 'let's do it right,' you don't say no. But all that means that Bat/Cat is pushed back a bit, which is why it's not in the January solicits. The first scripts are in; Clay's drawing them now; they look gorgeous; I, hopefully like you, can't wait for this one to be out. Thank you all for your patience."

There's no word now as to when the book will actually make its debut, but the way King makes it sound, it shouldn't be much later than it's original January date. Hopefully things won't take too long and Batman Catwoman will hit shelves early next year.


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