Kevin Smith Reveals Where He Stands on Batman and Catwoman Sex Controversy

Kevin Smith is the latest celebrity comic book fan to weigh in on the recent 'controversy' about [...]

Kevin Smith is the latest celebrity comic book fan to weigh in on the recent "controversy" about Batman's sex life. In a recent episode of his Fatman Beyond LIVE podcast show, Smith spoke on the recent reveal that Warner Bros. cut a sex scene between Batman and Catwoman from the Harley Quinn animated series. That talk also included Justice League director Zack Snyder's own reaction to the Batman sex controversy, which Smith called "graphic as f-ck." If you haven't heard about this uproar in comic book superhero culture, we have a brief recap below, followed by what Kevin Smith had to say about it.

WARNING: Graphic language from Smith below

During a recent interview, DC's Harley Quinn co-creator and producer Justin Halpern told Variety that the adult animated series had to cut a sex scene gag in the upcoming Season 3, featuring Batman performing oral sex on Catwoman. The scene was too racy for Warner Bros. and DC to allow, based on the idea that Batman is a family-friendly merchandising brand, and that "'it's hard to sell a toy if Batman is also going down on someone.'"

When fans heard about the Batman/Catwoman sex scene being cut -- and the reasoning why -- it set off a viral wave of discussion on social media. Soon, celebrities were commenting and/or joking on the matter, including Batman Forever star Val Kilmer and Zack Snyder, who posted a NSFW Illustration of Batman with Catwoman, while joking that it was "canon."

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So, how does Kevin Smith feel about Batman's sexual habits?

"Look, as a guy who's been reading Batman his whole life and was given stewardship once or twice -- but take it with a grain of salt because I did make him pee his pants as well and the Intenet hates that -- of course f-cking Batman eats p-ssy!" Smith shared. "It would track for the character: he's great at everything... He studied everything! He went all around the world; you telling me he'd leave that off the list? You know he went somewhere and met the lick master... and he went home a smarter, wiser, man."

When it came to discussing Warner Bros. and DC's reaction to the scene (specifically the statement that "heroes don't do that"), Smith added, "I would imagine only a villain is like, 'I'm not gonna eat your p-ssy! Because I'm a villain, I got no time!' But a f-cking hero? That's what a hero does! Hero eats your p-ssy before you do anything! Before you even see his d-ck -- and in Batman's case that takes a long time because he's a layered character."