Batwoman: Alice Finds Out About Beth in "Take Your Choice" Scene

Batwoman returns from a brief hiatus this Sunday night, and it looks like it has a pretty pivotal [...]

Batwoman returns from a brief hiatus this Sunday night, and it looks like it has a pretty pivotal meeting in store. In the fallout of the reality-shattering "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover, Kate Kane/Batwoman (Ruby Rose) learned that there were two iterations of Elizabeth Kane (Rachel Skarsten) on Earth-Prime -- including one who had never taken the dark path to become Alice. In a new clip from this week's episode, titled "Take Your Choice", Alice learns about her newfound doppelganger in a pretty surprising way. You can check it out above.

While there's no indication of how things will unfold with Alice and Beth - and how that will impact Kate's time as Gotham's main superhero - the idea of

"I have a lot of fun playing the wackier, insane side of Alice," Skarsten said in a previous interview. "While eventually she finds her peace, I hope it's not for a little while, because I am having too much fun playing her as she is."

"I wouldn't count on Alice being redeemed any time soon," Skarsten added with a laugh. "I think the writers are having far too much fun with her being bad. But it could be in the cards at some point. In the comics, actually, Alice does become Red Alice — a bit of a crime fighter/partner for Batwoman — but that's later. And also, obviously, there are many different delineations of the comics."

"I actually wasn't sure what the reception to Alice would be, so it sort of surprises me that people are already rooting for her before I even got a chance to show the more wounded side of her," Skarsten said in another interview. "So, I think that they will totally continue to root for her, but not just because of that. Ever since Ruby and I did our initial test, we have a nice, natural chemistry with one another and get on quite well, so I feel like because of how we play those sister scenes, people want Alice's redemption also for Kate, because Kate has skin in the game, too."

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Batwoman airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW.