Batwoman Recap: Everything You Missed in "Rule #1"

We're officially at the midpoint for Batwoman's sophomore season, and the hit The CW series has [...]

We're officially at the midpoint for Batwoman's sophomore season, and the hit The CW series has taken fans on a bit of a roller coaster. After the departure of Kate Kane actress Ruby Rose last year, the series has pivoted to the story of a new and fan-favorite Batwoman, Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie). But just after the airing of last week's episode, it was confirmed that Kate would be returning to the fold after all, and would be played by Krypton alum Wallis Day. With that nugget of information known to viewers (but not to the series' other characters yet), fans have been eager to see exactly where the story goes next — and it looks like it's definitely delivered.

If you need to catch up on the most essential details and storylines from Batwoman's latest episode, we're here to help. Here are the biggest reveals and Easter eggs from "Rule #1." Obviously, spoilers for Season 2, Episode 9 of Batwoman, "Rule #1", below! Only look if you want to know!


Ryan writes a diary entry to Kate, as she plants the Desert Rose in the Batcave in Kate's memory. Meanwhile, Kate's loved ones gather to hold a funeral for her. Black Mask holds Kate captive in his basement, revealing to her that her family has declared her dead.

One month later, Ryan and Mary are comfortably living as roommates. Angelique shows up to try to reconcile with Ryan, saying that she doesn't want to deal in Snake Bite anymore.

The GCPD and the False Face Society publicly fight each other, culminating in the commissioner getting murdered. Roman Sionis appears on television to publicly condemn the killings, all while the Crows and team Batwoman begin to investigate. Team Batwoman realize that the CCTV footage was doctored, and track down a witness who was vandalizing the building at the same time — Jordan Moore, Sophie's sister. Jordan goes to Sophie for help, but they both are attacked by the False Face Society, until Batwoman intervenes. Sophie tells Jordan that she can trust Batwoman, and she tells Batwoman what she saw at the scene — including that the getaway driver had the same bracelet as Angelique. Ryan confronts Angelique about it, and Angelique reveals that she was coerced into doing it — and that she's too scared of Black Mask to speak publicly about it. Ryan tells Angelique that she "knows" Batwoman, but Angelique is still hesitant about testifying.

Sophie and Jordan go to The Hold Up, where Ryan talks to them. Jordan argues that Batwoman is no different than the police and The Crows, and also reveals everything she personally does for activism in Gotham. Jordan then tries to set up Sophie and Ryan, but Sophie shuts it down.

Angelique eventually agrees to testify, in exchange for her safety. When Batwoman shows up at Angelique's apartment, she finds it ransacked and that she's been kidnapped by Black Mask. Batwoman arrives and fights members of the False Face Society, but gets knocked out and strapped to a saw and nearly killed. As Black Mask reveals, his daughter was killed by the prior Batwoman, and he's only begun donning the mask and forming the False Face Society after Gotham failed him. Sophie arrives and rescues Ryan, who then rescues Angelique and tells Sophie that they're going to work together to protect her.

Angelique writes a confession lying that she killed the commissioner, which Sophie initially doesn't understand. Angelique has Sophie give Ryan her bracelet, and tells her that Black Mask had threatened to kill Ryan if she didn't take the fall. Both Sophie and Jordan bond over how upset they are in the system for not protecting Angelique more.

Ryan tells Mary and Luke that she's setting a series of rules for the Bat Team — which focus on support, accountability, and legacy. Ryan vows to not only take down the False Face Society, but help Jordan with her community center.

Meanwhile, Alice lays low in Cartwright's basement, where she becomes haunted by visions of a younger Kate. As younger Kate explains, Alice is having a psychotic break to deal with her grief about Kate dying. Alice decides to imagine a world where Kate never existed.

Jacob refuses to come to work, and also refuses to believe that the plane's malfunction wasn't caused by one of Kate's enemies. Julia further investigates the plane crash, but the person she calls says she'd called months prior about the same thing.

Black Mask visits Kate in her cell, and reveals to a woman that the False Face Society pulled Kate from the wreckage of the plane from National City, and lost her face in the process. The woman — Enigma — asks to be left alone with Kate, and decides to brainwash her.

Batwoman airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW.