Black Lightning Season 3 Premiere Photos Released

Black Lightning returns for its third season this fall on The CW with Jefferson Pierce and the rest of his crimefighting family working to protect the city of Freeland against the dangerous forces that threaten its citizens. One of those forces was teased in the Season 2 finale with the warning of a coming war with the nation of Markovia. Now, in new photos released by The CW, we're getting our first look at what this new situation may look like for the Pierce family.

The CW has released photos for "The Book of Occupation: Chapter One", the upcoming Season 3 premiere of Black Lightning. You can check them out below.

Black Lightning Season 3 a
(Photo: Quantrell Colbert/The CW)
Black Lightning Season 3 b
(Photo: Quantrell Colbert/The CW)
Black Lightning Season 3 c
(Photo: Quantrell Colbert/The CW)
Black Lightning Season 3 d
(Photo: Quantrell Colbert/The CW)

As you can see in the photos released thus far, Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning is nowhere to be seen and it might have something to do with the Markovian conflict. Series star Cress Williams explained in a recent interview that the conflict has the family more disjointed than ever.

"The family is probably the most disjointed we've ever had it," Williams said. "It's the whole Markovian conflict. It's pulled everyone in different directions because they've gotten a little bit divided, in the sense there are just different focuses that they have and different motivations that they have."

"We're filming, I think, episode 4 right now, and [for] a lot of the family members it's like, 'Oh here's our first scene together', because just where the drama has taken us has really spread us out."

On Black Lightning, it isn't just Williams' Jefferson who is a superpowered hero. His daughter Anissa (Nafessa Williams) is the hero Thunder and daughter Jennifer (China Anne McClain) is the new hero Lightning. Wife and mother Lynn Pierce (Christine Adams) may not have superpowers herself, but she's also in the thick of it, a doctor who spent most of last season working save the so-called Pod Kids, superpowered youth who the A.S.A. have been keeping in stasis in some cases for decades. It's that involvement that gets the whole family drafted by Agent Odell for the coming fight with the Markovians, but according to Williams, Jefferson is doing all he can to protect his daughters -- including a significant sacrifice he makes for them.


"[Jefferson] makes a really big sacrifice," Williams said. "That sacrifice is what really propels him at the beginning of the season."

Black Lightning will return for its third season on Monday, October 7th on The CW.