This Is The Black Suit Superman We Want To See In 'Justice League'

Ever since the final sequence of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, fans have been eager to see if Superman will don his black costume in Justice League. If he does, here's hoping he looks like this.

The black suit has become a popular part of Superman lore, and artist Gabriel Rock has managed to create a stunning depiction of what Henry Cavill could look like in the costume. The image shows a long-haired and bearded Cavill in a black and silver Superman suit, holding his red cape off to the side.

It's a slick looking visual but rises above others of the same ilk thanks to the dead on resemblance to Cavill. The longer hair and beard also look quite realistic to what he would sport onscreen, and the suit is right in line with the one seen in Man of Steel.

In short, this is fantastic, and at this point, many fans will likely be disappointed if there isn't a black-suited Superman in Justice League.

You can view the new image above, and for more of Gabriel Rock's work you can check out his Instagram page.

The black suit came into play in the comics after the much-publicized Death of Superman arc, where a mysterious figure named Doomsday frees himself from containment and charges towards Metropolis. The current Justice League isn't enough to take him down, and it falls to Superman to keep him from destroying the city.

Ultimately he defeats Doomsday, but Superman falls as well. The world mourns the loss of an icon until four heroes claiming to each be Superman appear. These heroes would turn out to be Connor Kent (Superboy) John Henry Irons (Steel), Hank Henshaw (Cyborg Superman), and the Eradicator, but thanks to Jonathan Kent the real Superman would eventually return.

When he did surface, Superman showed up in a black and silver costume. His powers were not yet charged, but he would join the other Supermen as they attempted to stop Hank Henshaw from destroying the world alongside Mongul.

Parts of this storyline made their way into Batman v Superman, including a condensed version of the Doomsday fight and Funeral for a Friend. It is unknown how Superman will come back in Justice League, but here's hoping it involves a black and silver costume.

Justice League hits theaters on November 17.




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