Crisis on Infinite Earths Actor LaMonica Garrett Teases the Anti-Monitor's Debut

The biggest foe the Arrowverse has faced yet is coming with "Crisis on Infinite Earths" this fall, and fans were surprised last weekend at San Diego Comic-Con to learn that he'd be played by a familiar face -- LaMonica Garrett. Garrett made his Arrowverse debut as The Monitor in last fall's "Elseworlds" crossover, but while fans may not exactly be thrilled with The Monitor right now, the Anti-Monitor is a much bigger threat -- one that Garrett is excited to bring to life.

Speaking with's Russ Burlingame at San Diego Comic-Con last weekend, Garrett gave fans a bit of insight on the biggest bad yet and just how significant the character is, promising that The Monitor really is trying to help, something that can't be said for his brother.

"The Monitor is an obscure character for a lot people. You know, people hate The Monitor right now because of what he's doing to the world, but he's actually trying to do it for the greater good if you know the comic books," Garrett said. "Anti-Monitor is not obscure. He's well-known for Marvel fans and DC fans as just one of the biggest bads that ever walked this planet so when they told me that, I kind of got a little misty-eyed. I got a little emotional and I was like 'are you kidding me?' I've always wanted to be in the comic book world and you're telling me that I could play The Monitor and The Anti-Monitor in the same universe, the same Arrowverse like that? That was a surreal moment when I found out and I just found that out maybe two weeks ago."

Of course, Garrett also noted that there is plenty of The Monitor left to explore before we even meet the Anti-Monitor, though it was something he had to be reminded of himself.

"When I found out about that I was on set and Arrow, they were coming in prepping for their first episode, it was in Vancouver," he explained. "And I talked to Bam [James Bamford] the director and I was like 'you know?' and he was like 'yeah man, I thought you knew.' No! No one tells me anything and he already saw my mind spinning like, you know, doing research, Anti-Monitor research, in my head. He was like 'slow down, you still have a lot of Monitor to go before you jump into that skin so I was like my mind's already racing at what I can bring to this character to bring him to life."


In the comics, the Anti-Monitor is an absurdly-powerful and evil cosmic being who controls the Antimatter Universe. Throughout the "Crisis" storyline, the Anti-Monitor sets his fury across the positive matter Multiverse and goes toe-to-toe with his brother in the process.

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