DC Just Killed Some Of Its Most Powerful Characters

DC just killed some of its most powerful characters in one brutal fell swoop, and it could shake-up the balance of power in the DC Universe as we know it! These milestone deaths take place in the final pages of the new DC Infinite Frontier #0, which has revealed the latest multiverse blueprint for the DC Comics Universe, after its latest Crisis event (Dark Knights: Death Metal), and the preview of the imminent future that we got in January-February's DC Future State event. In the epilogue section to DC Infinite Frontier, this new multiverse quickly loses some of its biggest protectors.

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS for DC Infinite Frontier follow!

The DC characters that die in the final pages of Infinite Frontier #0 are none other than "The Quintessence," aka the group of all-powerful cosmic beings that watch over and affect the Universe. The list of the dead includes current Quintessence members Hera, Highfather, Ganthet, Phantom Stranger, Spectre, and The Wizard. And how they go out is plenty of gruesome (see below).

DC Infinite Frontier Spoilers The Quintessence Death Killed Darkseid
(Photo: DC Comics)

The Quintessence spends Infinite Frontier #0 trying to recruit Wonder Woman into their ranks (though Diana ultimately refuses). With the in Infinite DC Universe establish, The Quintessence reveal a secret they held back from Wonder Woman: a reality ("Earth Omega") where the dark horrors of the multiverse are now imprisoned. However, The Quintessence isn't aware that one horror in the multiverse is loose on Earth Omega: Darkseid.

Darkseid has apparently turned the reconstituted DC multiverse into an opportunity to reconstitute himself. This 'Finite Darkseid' is the culmination of all the different versions of the villain that DC has introduced and retconned over the years; according to Darkseid himself, he's now even more powerful than he was before the first Crisis on Infinite Earths. Darkseid is pissed at The Quintessence (and subsequently DC Comics itself) for Nerfing his power over the years, and he gets revenge by impaling the god-like beings of The Quintessence with darkness itself and stamping them out under his boot.

Darkseid's new mission is simple: remind this DC Infinite Frontier that he is the finite ending to all things.

Darkseid is the villain of the DC Universe, so basically making him the new Anti-Monitor is only fitting. After all, Darkseid is right: these DC stories always lead back to him (DC's Thanos). Hopefully, it will be a very slow burn to get there, but eventually, this new DC Infinite Frontier Multiverse will have to reconcile with this new threat it's unleashed.


...Just let this reboot breathe for a while, yeah?

DC Infinite Frontier's new books are now on sale.