SPOILER Becomes a Green Lantern in DCeased #2

The Green Lantern Corps have had a wide array of DC Comics characters among their ranks over the years, but the group is proving to still be filled with surprises. The latest issue of DCeased put that on full display, when a fan-favorite - but unexpected - character was given the mantle.

Spoilers for this week's issue of DCeased below! Only look if you want to know!

The issue opens with the Justice League attempting to get their bearings, now that the Anti-Life Equation has mutated itself and transmitted through all of the world's modern technology. As the League, who are scattered across the world, quickly realize, anyone who comes into contact with the Internet will be affected by the virus, which will turn them into a sort of flesh-eating zombie.

While all of this is going on, Oliver Queen, Dinah Lance, and Hal Jordan are channeling their inner Hard-Traveling Heroes, by taking part in a remote camping trip. It becomes abundantly clear that Hal is bored by this trip, and he begins to turn in for the night. Minutes later, Hal emerges from his tent -- and is affected by the zombie virus. In a panic, Dinah and Oliver fight him off, culminating in Dinah killing him with her Canary Cry.

dceased 2 green lantern black canary 1
(Photo: DC Comics)

Once that happens, Hal's Green Lantern ring comes off of his finger, beginning to search for a new champion -- and quickly finding one in Dinah.

dceased 2 green lantern black canary 2
(Photo: DC Comics)

The ring melds with Dinah, inducting her into the Corps and giving her a snazzy new costume, but she quickly admits that she doesn't want to be a Lantern. Just then, Superman arrives, asking Dinah to use the powers to help in the remaining heroes' fight.

dceased 2 green lantern black canary 3
(Photo: DC Comics)

That's right -- at least within the world of DCeased, Black Canary is canonically a member of the Green Lantern Corps. Not only is the moment an awesome tribute to Dinah's personal willpower and inner strength - which has been shown in spades over the 70+ years she's been in comics - but it provides a bit of a feminist twist on Dinah's long-standing dynamic with Hal and the Corps. Granted, DCeased is largely unconnected from the main DC Comics continuity at this point - as evident by all of the significant character deaths that have happened thus far - but it's safe to say that Black Canary fans will be enjoying the status quo change for the time being.

DCeased #2 is available in stores now. Issue #3 will be available on July 3rd.