Frank Miller Returning to Batman With The Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child

The saga of The Dark Knight Returns isn't over just yet. 33 years after Frank Miller wrote the iconic DC Comics series he's preparing to return for a fourth chapter of the story. This December, Miller is teaming up with artist Rafael Grampa for The Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child.

The Golden Child takes place three years after Miller's latest installment of the saga, The Dark Knight III: The Master Race, and follows Jonathan Kent, the son of Superman and Wonder Woman. Jonathan's older sister, Lara, was a big part of The Master Race but Jonathan was just a baby at the time. The young boy has since grown into a "powerful presence."

EW exclusively revealed the news of the new comic, as well as an interview with Miller and the first look at the book's cover.

“The possibilities for what he could be just started coming to mind like crazy. I thought the contrast between him and Lara could be really exciting,” Miller told EW. “Lara has so much power and passion, so for the little boy to embody all of the wisdom and intelligence of the Kryptonian race would be an exciting new dimension. He really sort of developed as a little floating Buddha, someone who when he wasn’t even a toddler yet was speaking in full sentences and had an understanding of events that surpassed anybody else’s. He’s the most magical member of the family.”

(Photo: DC Entertainment)

Carrie Kelly, the original Robin from Miller's Dark Knight Returns, now operates as Batwoman, and has become a full superhero on her own. Her new look is featured on the cover of the book and she'll play a pivotal role alongside the story of the Kryptonian family.


“Carrie is, as always, the smartest kid on the block,” Miller said. “She was also trained by someone who is not cowed by power. Even knowing that she is not a ‘superhero’ in terms of powers, she will not accept anything that in any way smacks of subjugation. Look at her! She began her superhero career by running away from home. She was a rebel from the get-go.”

The Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child goes on sale on December 11th.