Gal Gadot Clarifies That Wonder Woman Was Always Involved In The World

Many might assume it took Doomsday to bring Wonder Woman back to man's world, but Gal Gadot reveals that is definitely not the case. was on hand for Justice League's junket in London, where Gadot was asked about leaving man's world and how that plays into Wonder Woman 2.

"Well unfortunately there's not much we can share with you about Wonder Woman 2," Gadot said, "but what is here is that whether or not Wonder Woman was out there or incognito, she was always very involved and always very active in man's world, and she was always acting to save and to help and to better the world."

You even see that in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. When Diana and Bruce Wayne first meet, she steals a drive from him that he later recovers. She is working her own investigation, showing that she doesn't need a costume to be looking out for mankind's best interests. Sure Doomsday gets her to put on the costume again and spring into battle, but she's been in pulling strings int eh background for years.

Actually, years doesn't really cut it. As Gadot recently explained, it's been much longer. "She's grown up — it's been a century," Gadot said. "She'll bring her specific abilities to a group dynamic, and she understands the enemy better than anyone else."

That last line about the enemy is particularly important. The Amazons know Steppenwolf all too well, as they were one of the key forces that drove him back from earth the last time. Alongside the Atlanteans and the humans, they managed to push him back, and Diana's connection to that battle should help the League understand what it's facing.

Granted, the team would not turn down any additional assistance. One of the reasons Steppenwolf is attacking now has to do with Earth being vulnerable. The Amazons are secluded on Themyscira, while the Atlanteans have stayed away from mankind and the surface. There's now no Superman to help stop the threat, and for some reason, the Green Lanterns are also not protecting Earth. If there was a time to strike, it would be now.


The good news is that the world still has Wonder Woman and now the League, and they just might be enough.

Justice League hits theaters on November 17.

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