Why Gotham City Sirens Needs A Female Director

Gotham City Sirens is a comic book series less about the storylines and more about the diverse relationships between the main characters - Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy.

Turning it into a movie presents a perfect opportunity for a female director to work on a female-focused film about friendship, fighting evil, and more importantly, love. Honestly, one thing fans definately do not want is Suicide Squad: Girls Gone Wild.

The backgound of the trio -- at least from the canon -- focuses on when these three aren't fighting something else, they are fighting with each other. The comic itself is a constant examination of the dynamics of friendship and even romance between females, all who happen to be quite sassy and lethal at times.

In fact, through out Gotham City Sirens Harley and Ivy are in a romantic relationship, however their fights are a bit more...villainous.

While Ivy is desperately trying to help Harley put the pieces of her life back together after the Joker destroyed her, she still has violent flashbacks.

Not that Ayer isn't a great director, but Suicide Squad had a stylized vision that not everyone agreed with, especially when it came down to how the females in the film were dressed and how their characters were approached with Harley and Enchantress - or in other words completely left out like Katana.

(Photo: DC Entertainment)

Enchantress wasn't even dressed at all like her comic book character and while Margot Robbie made a great version of Harley Quinn there is a reason her shorts were made longer for the trailers.

All of the women in Gotham City Sirens are extremely smart on their own and to oversexualize them (as some think Ayer did with Katana, Harley, and Enchantress in Suicide Squad) might devalue their comic book roots and their intelligence.

There is a way to represent a sexualized woman, and it isn't shorter shorts and butt slaps.

While Suicide Squad was a fun, 2-hour long music video with some explosions and over-the-top action here and there, that's all it was - fun.

There is a question as to why David Ayer gravely misinterpreted the violent and abusive relationship between Joker and Harley - maybe he didn't understand.

Knowing that Joker has such a big role in the Gotham City Sirens comic series, he may show up again and real fans don't want to see another romantacized version of a dangerous, abusive relationship.

Maybe we shouldn't be pushing that Gotham City Sirens needs a female director, but moreso a director that understands females in the first place.

Of course this could be a man, however this would be the first time the studio hasn't sought out a female director for a female-led sueprhero movie, so it could set a bad precedent.

DC Films has another chance here to have a female write and direct a female-focused superhero movie, which has already proven to be a great combination with Wonder Woman and Patty Jenkins.

The DC Extended Universe is the first to break the ground in the current comic book movie landscape by putting female superheroes on screen and diversifying casts.

And if Gotham City Sirens does happen, which we hope it will, DC Films will be the first to focus on a bi-sexual relationship in a superhero film - and this needs to be done well.

It all comes down to the same notion - Why aren't more females directing? Well, it's not that there aren't extremely talented women directors out there biting at the bit for these projects, it's that they aren't neccessarily being given the chance.


Gotham City Sirens is that opportunity.

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