'Gotham': Long Live Jerome Video Teases Joker And Harley Quinn

The latest promotional video for Gotham shows Jeremiah and his bodyguard Ecco, and teases a [...]

The latest promotional video for Gotham shows Jeremiah and his bodyguard Ecco, and teases a distinctly Joker-and-Harley kind of thing.

The video itself sees Jerome providing a VHS tape (remember those?) to Jim Gordon after his death, asking that the GCPD throw him a wake -- and all hell breaks loose.

Jeremiah, the twin brother to longtime baddie Jerome, recently showed up and immediately became the obvious choice to be the Joker of the future. Ecco, meanwhile, has struck fans as a good fit for Harley.

The Joker's bodyguard is played by series newcomer Francesca Root-Dodson, whom we have previously speculated might be the series' riff on Harley even though she doesn't have the same name or occupation.

...That headpiece, though!

(Photo: Warner Bros. TV/FOX)

While she doesn't (yet?) have any of Harley Quinn's signature style or wit, Ecco is wholly and completely devoted to Jeremiah/Joker. At one point in a recent episode, he even mentions that she has given her entire life to protecting him.

That is one of the defining characteristics of early iterations of Harley Quinn, before she broke out as her own popular character fairly recently: She loves Joker to a fault, no matter what he does to hurt her. Fans have speculated thatEcco's connection to Jeremiah could lead her down a similar path in the future.

However, with at least two major motion pictures planned in the near future it may be difficult for TV to use Harley. Who else might this masked figure be?

On the other hand, Gotham is set to begin adapting the No Man's Land story arc at the end of the season. That story featured a character named Echo in those comics, who was skilled as a marksman, and in hand to hand combat, a trait we saw on display in Ecco's first episode. The original take on the character also had devices planted in her head that allowed her to read the thoughts of both humans and computers.

You can check out the official synopsis for the episode, which airs in two weeks, below.

Chaos erupts at the GCPD, sending Gordon on a wild goose chase for the culprit behind the mass takeover. Meanwhile, a friend of Bruce's becomes paranoid, resulting in rash and destructive behavior.

Gotham airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX. "A Dark Knight: That Old Corpse" debuts on May 3.