'Gotham' Will Continue to Pit Riddler Against Penguin in Season 5

The final season of Gotham has finally arrived and, following the onset of No Man's Land, the titular city is nothing like we remember from previous years. Criminal turf wars have separated many of the characters that we've been so used to seeing together over the course of the series but, as we saw in that ominous flash-forward at the beginning of the premiere, characters won't stay distant for too long.

While this certainly applies to several key relationships on Gotham, none are a bigger deal to fans than that of Penguin and Riddler. These two have gone through quite the rollercoaster over the course of the show's first four seasons. Despite the fact that they didn't share a single scene in the premiere (outside of the flash-forward), Robin Lord Taylor has assured us that their stories will continue to intertwine going forward.

During a visit to the Gotham Season 5 set, ComicBook.com spoke with Taylor about his character's relationship with Ed Nygma, aka The Riddler, and he said that there is plenty more to come in the future.

"I will say that there," Taylor began. "We do address aspects of their relationship, and the characters when they first come back together it's one of my favorite scenes that we've had because it takes everything that's happened, but it contextualizes it and it shows where they are now and how for anyone to survive-not just each other-for anyone to survive in Gotham how they need each other and how they compliment each other and so it's really cool."

They may not have spoken to one another in the final season's debut episode, but it was clear that the memory of Edward was still greatly affecting Penguin. After all, the guy named his dog Ed after his former obsession-turned-rival. As he rules his section of the city, Penguin's dog is a constant reminder of the man he once knew.

Nygma is in a much different situation this season, as the two personalities in his head continue to wage war on one another. He will wake up in unknown locations with no memory of the night before. It's unclear at this point if this is just a problem that Edward developed on his own, or if it's the result of one of Hugo Strange's experiments.

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