'Gotham': "Nothing's Shocking" Preview Released

The next episode of Gotham is titled 'Nothing's Shocking,' which perfectly sums up the wonderful [...]

The next episode of Gotham is titled "Nothing's Shocking," which perfectly sums up the wonderful and wacky insanity that the series has achieved in its last couple of seasons. After Thursday night's latest episode, the promo for "Nothing's Shocking" was released online, and it certainly delivers on the title's lofty promises.

Check out the new promo in the video above!

Judging by the promo, it doesn't look like the new episode will continue either of the two major villain stories going on in Gotham at the moment. Those of course being the narratives surrounding Jeremiah Valeska and Eduardo Dorrance. Jeremiah was last seen in Thursday night's episode having been dropped into a vat of chemicals which destroyed his brain function. Eduardo was featured a couple of weeks ago, getting a metal pipe shoved through his chest, but getting saved by Walker at the last minute, essentially kicking off the origins of Bane.

While neither one of these baddies look to be prominent players in "Nothing's Shocking," we are going to be getting a double dose of Barbara Kean. In a surprising moment toward the end of the promo, Barbara was seen holding another Barbara hostage, leaving everyone in Gotham Central wondering which one was real.

Barbara has long been a prominent character on Gotham, but this final season is seemingly giving her an even bigger role than before. After a one-night stand with ex-fiance Jim Gordon, Barbara revealed that she was pregnant, adding yet another wrinkle to their already complicated relationship.

ComicBook.com recently spoke to Gotham executive producer John Stephens about the relationship between Jim and Barbara, and he teased that some big moments were on the way. That announcement certainly qualifies.

"That's a relationship which has such dynamite potential, actually explosive potential, that it gives us, also, a lot of good dynamic of the last five seasons to play with, within every scene," Stephens told us. "And also the audience is left asking the question of knowing who Barbara Gordon ends up being in the later years. And how she came out of that. ​I don't want to give everything away because a lot of it is, frankly, a surprise of watching these things play out. But that is a relationship that we are going to continue to play throughout the rest of the season. And it adds ... It's not even a ripple effects we're looking at, as explosive that affects everybody in the show."

New episodes of Gotham air on Thursday nights at 8 pm ET on FOX.