'Gotham' Teasing the Introduction of Another Joker in Season 5

While the introduction of Jeremiah Valeska in the fourth season of Gotham certainly felt like a Joker origin story, it seems as though there is still another Clown Prince of Crime backstory yet to be told on FOX's Batman prequel.

On Wednesday afternoon, Gotham writer/producer Tze Chun shared an image on Twitter that revealed one of upcoming season's episode scripts. The photo shows the cover of the script for episode 5x04, which is titled "Ace Chemicals."

As all DC fans will know, Ace Chemicals is a major nod to the origin of the actual Joker. As it goes, Joker fell into a giant container of chemicals at the Ace plant. When he resurfaced, his skin had become pale and he seemingly lost his mind.

The Gotham episode referencing that origin is more than enough for fans to speculate about what might occur in the final season, but Chun took things one step further. In addition to sharing the episode's title, he also wrote "#Joker" in the tweet, alluding to the iconic character's inclusion.

Chun has since deleted the tweet containing the image.

Joker hasn't actually appeared in Gotham canon, though there have been a couple of characters who bore a striking resemblance. The over-the-top maniac known as Jerome Valeska (Cameron Monaghan) terrorized the streets for multiple years. Last season, Jerome's twin brother Jeremiah was introduced, and he essentially took over the mantle when his brother died. Unlike Jerome however, Jeremiah is a cunning planner, and he uses his mind to strike fear into the hearts of others.

These brothers have been two very distinct takes on the classic Joker character, and it seems like we'll be getting at least one more iteration before all is said and done. Hopefully Monaghan gets to play this part as well, considering the amount of support both of his roles have received from fans.


Do you think the "real" Joker will be coming to Gotham in its final season? How do you think they will write him onto the show? Let us know in the comments!

Gotham's fifth and final season is set to arrive on FOX in 2019.