'Gotham's Ben McKenzie Says Season 5 Delivers Plenty of Anticipated Easter Eggs

Ever since Gotham aired its series premiere a few years ago, fans have been anxiously awaiting the eventual tie-ins to the Batman iconography. Bruce Wayne in the cowl, Penguin with a monocle, Jim Gordon's mustache: All of these things have been lights at the end of the series tunnel for the DC faithful.

While the show has avoided these things for quite a while, it sounds as though the upcoming final season will embrace them with open arms.

Speaking to Gotham star Ben McKenzie recently, we asked whether or not these popular nods and Easter eggs would be making their stamp in Season 5. Fortunately for all of the fans, McKenzie gave us exactly the answer we were looking for.

"I'm not sure how much I can say about them but they definitely will be there," McKenzie said. "I will put it this way, a lot of the questions we get asked at comic cons like 'when you gonna do this, when you gonna do this.' Well, right now! Right damn now we're gonna do them because we don't have anymore time.

"We've run out of time so we might as well throw it in at the end there. In a reasonably well constructed way. I don't think we're just throwing things at the wall we've created- I think John Stevens and the writers have created a pretty great- not just template in No Man's Land for sort of all hell to literally and figuratively break loose but also a plan throughout those 10 episodes to sprinkle in all those things the fans want to see in a way that pays off. A way that doesn't just seem like lip service that actually feels like it's part of the 98 episodes we would've done in the course of five years."

We got a glimpse at a few of these nuggets last season, when Bruce donned his black crime suit, and Jim sported a mustache in a dream sequence. While those moments were all well and good, the final season is going to deliver the real things.

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Gotham is set to air new episodes on FOX in 2019.