'Gotham' Kills Yet Another Villain

Gotham is sprinting towards the finish line full steam ahead, building toward the eventual [...]

Gotham is sprinting towards the finish line full steam ahead, building toward the eventual introduction of Batman in the series finale. With that goal in mine, the show is continuing to trim the fat a bit, getting rid of side characters that won't play a part in the fully realized Gotham City later on. The series killed off yet another character Thursday night, albeit one that had quite literally just arrived.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for the latest episode of Gotham! Continue reading at your own risk...

This week's episode, "13 Stitches," introduced a villain by the name of Magpie, a lower-level thief played by Sarah Schenkkan. A known villain amongst comic book fans, Magpie has a penchant for explosives, and she often replaces things that she steals with identical bombs. When appearing on the show, her target was Oswald Cobblepot, but unfortunately her decision to cross him was fatal.

After just appearing on one episode of Gotham, Magpie has already been killed off.

Penguin and Selina spent a large part of the episode trying to track Magpie down. The duo eventually caught up to the thief and Oswald didn't waste any time in putting a stop to Magpie's games. He shot her multiple times, killing her on the spot.

Now, being that this is Gotham we're talking about, there is nothing saying that Magpie is definitively dead. She got shot, fell to the ground, and that was that. People have returned from much worse on this show. Take Butch, for example. The character was shot point blank in the head and still managed to survive.

Magpie could theoretically come back at some point this season, but it doesn't seem likely. There are too many villains that need their own stories as it is, adding another one would only complicate things. As it stands now, Magpie seems to be nothing more than a pawn in Penguin's tale.

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