Exclusive: 'Gotham' EP Reveals Every Villain Appearing in Season 4

Gotham has always been about the villains, and Season Four is going to have no shortage of them. [...]

Gotham has always been about the villains, and Season Four is going to have no shortage of them. We've already seen Penguin, Scarecrow, Barbara, and Victor Zsasz take on heavy roles so far this season, but there are plenty more on the way.

During an exclusive interview with ComicBook.com, Gotham co-executive producer and writer Bryan Wynbrandt confirmed each and every villain coming to the Batman prequel series this season.

After we had already talked about Solomon Grundy's appearance, which is coming in the fourth season's fifth episode, and the return of the Riddler, we asked Wynbrandt who else was on the way.

"You kind of got them all," Wynbrandt told us. "We've got Ra's on the scene. Obviously we have Sofia Falcone coming to town. We've got Professor Pyg. Zsasz is going to play a big role in these first 11."

The EP went on to explain that the aforementioned villains wouldn't be alone, and that the bad guys and gals of Gotham will be changing pretty frequently as the year goes on.

"I will say Lee Thompkins returning to town is going to be a really transformative part of the season in terms of one character really taking a stronger turn," Wynbrandt said. "A transformation from where she was and who she becomes, but she's not a villain. It is worth teasing that Thompkins is going to mix it up in the underworld. She's going to cross paths with Grundy and with Ed Nygma and there's a very fun sort of unexpected alliance that's formed there."

"We start the season off with Scarecrow," Wynbrandt added. "Vector from Scarecrow to we're going to introduce Sofia in these next few episodes. Then Pyg is going to be a big part of the season. That's kind of our big villain of the first half. Then we do have Jerome coming back. We do have Ra's as a character and Poison Ivy. Those are sort of the big headlines in terms of villains."

So, to recap, we've already seen Scarecrow, Penguin, Barbara, Poison Ivy, Zsasz, and Ra's al Ghul. Sofia Falcone appeared in last night's episode, and Riddler was unfrozen, so he's back on the loose. Solomon Grundy is set to debut in two weeks, Lee Thompkins is making her way back to Gotham sometime soon, Professor Pyg is set to be the big villain of the first part of the season, and Jerome is going to be taking over the back half. To top it all off, Wynbrandt also revealed that Tommy Elliot is going to be back on Gotham later this season.

This installment of Gotham is about to be filled with more villains than ever before, and we're totally here for it.