Jared Leto And Margot Robbie Got Shaved For Suicide Squad

Fans have been excited to see DC Entertainment’s upcoming Suicide Squad film since it was first [...]

Fans have been excited to see DC Entertainment's upcoming Suicide Squad film since it was first announced, and their reactions grew tenfold once official images of The Joker and Harley Quinn were released. Played by Jared Leto and Margot Robbie respectively, the two actors found themselves speaking with Conan O'Brien this past weekend during San Diego Comic Con. The pair talked about their iconic roles and even admitted to having shaved down for their parts.

Addressing Margot, Conan asked the Australian actress how director David Ayer surprised her on-set one day. With a lollipop in one hand, Margot replied and said, "He cut a chunk out of my eyebrow." She continued to say, "Honestly, I didn't feel too hard done by because he'd cut off all of Karen's hair actually. She had about two feet of hair that he'd just off."

The main cast of Suicide Squad was all in attendance for Conan's talk-show taping, and Karen Fukuhara agreed with her co-star. The Japanese-American actress recalled how her hair had been down to her waist before Ayer took a pair of scissors to it. And, following her anecdote, actor Jared Leto revealed that the director also had him cut off his hair.

When Conan asked why Ayer felt the need to take out a piece of Margot's eyebrow, the actress said she honestly didn't know. "It kind of came out of the blue," she explained. And, when Conan turned to ask Leto about his own shaving adventures, the charming actor kept quiet for a moment before speaking up.

Leto said, "Oddly, I did two films in a row where I either waxed or shaved my entire body and my eyebrows and I wore lipstick. I don't know what that means." Of course, the actor is referring to his previous role of Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club for which he won an Oscar. Now, just ahead of Suicide Squad's approaching premiere, the actor has surprisingly connected the the two films through his wardrobe and make-up.

But, when you look at The Joker's promotional images, you got to admit the character's sleek look is only enhanced by the lack of burly chest hair. Perhaps Ayer's hairstyling talents are something the director should market more often?