Watch How Jeffrey Dean Morgan Reacts to Flashpoint Batman Question

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then you definitely want to study Jeffrey Dean Morgan's face when Jimmy Kimmel asks him about Flashpoint Batman in the video above.

To set the tone, Jimmy Kimmel reminded Morgan about how when he was previously on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he had asked him about a painting of Batman's father Thomas Wayne that had been spotted on the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice set. The painting looked a lot like Morgan, but Morgan wouldn't confirm "yes" or "no" when asked at the time. Of course when the film was released in theaters, it was confirmed that Jeffrey Dean Morgan was indeed playing Thomas Wayne.

Jimmy Kimmel asks, "But now, I've learned that there are some comic series where Thomas Wayne is a Batman, a dad Batman or something. Are you going to be Batman in The Flash movie?"

Morgan interjects, "It's a paradox universe, Flashpoint Batman," before letting out a breath, flashing a smile at the audience, and raising his eyebrows. While Morgan doesn't give a verbal answer, his facial expression seems to tell the story that he knows something.

After laughing and covering his face, Morgan insists, "I didn't say [bleep]." After Kimmel and Morgan share a knowing look, Kimmel adds, "I don't think you had to."

After more laughter, Morgan adds, "No, no, I don't know anything." Not letting him off the hook, Kimmel says, "You don't know anything. You would know if you weren't playing him, right?"

Morgan stammers, "Really, I don't know anything. DC has a lot of things." Kimmel interrupts, "So, you are working with DC?" Then, Morgan changed the subject to his past work with DC on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Watchmen.


To close out the conversation, Kimmel insisted that they got a little something out of him, but Morgan replied, "Really, you didn't. I'm just saying." However, Kimmel still seems convinced that Morgan let the cat out of the bag.

What do you think? Did Morgan's facial expression give it away? Will he be Flashpoint Batman in The Flash movie? With it already confirmed that The Flash movie will be called Flashpoint, how could they do the story without including Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Flashpoint Batman?