Joker Movie Dancing In The Bathroom Clip Released Online

With Joker now in theaters, clips from the film are starting to make their way online. The spoiler window is beginning to close as fans who need more convincing to go see what is being hailed as a "masterpiece" in's official five star review. As a result, a clip from a crucial moment in the film has officially been released online. Seen in the video above, without context of why it is happening, Joaquin Phoenix's Arthur Fleck -- aka the Joker -- is seen dancing in a bathroom as music plays for viewers but not for the character, further showcasing the character's mental state.

The most iconic of DC Comics villains has never come with a definitive, singe origin story. The character has been known to have alternate versions of his own past but even those are left up for reader or viewer discretion. In the standalone movie serving as an origin story for the character in his first solo big screen outing, director and writer Todd Phillips intentionally left a heavy bit of Joker's origin story up for interpretation or mystery.

"That was the idea, the idea that all of 'My past is multiple,'" Philips said. "I like to think of my past as multiple choice, it's a little bit of like, 'Wait, did that happen? Did this?' It's really kind of fun when you make a movie with an unreliable narrator. There is no greater unreliable narrator than Joker. He's an unreliable narrator and he's Joker, so it's sort of like a double whammy, and so I think that lends to people's reaction to the movie and I like that people don't really know what happened. There are certain things if you see it again, on a second viewing, you'll notice about that white room at the end that kind of picks up at the beginning, and you go, 'Oh, wait a minute, that's interesting.' Its kind of one of those."

Phillips isn't ready to disclose whether or not the movie's story is real, but it seems he did intentionally created that discussion. For more updates and clips about the film, be sure to check back on


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Joker is now playing in theaters.