Justice League: Cut Aquaman Rescue Scene BTS Video Revealed

With Man of Steel clocking in at just under two and a half hours and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice crossing the three-hour threshold, filmmaker Zack Snyder displayed a tendency to fatigue audiences with massive runtimes. When it came time to craft Justice League, which was set to be the culmination of the entire DC Extended Universe, Snyder likely had even more ideas he wanted to include in the team-up film, yet many of those scenes never made it into the final cut. Cinematographer Fabian Wagner recently took to Instagram to share behind-the-scenes footage of a scene that likely would have seen Aquaman rescuing someone in trouble on the ocean.

Wagner shared the above video while adding the caption, "Shooting stormy seas on land with a huge inflatable greenscreen, some water, wind and 2 Arri 435's on Technocranes."

There's no context for what this scene was meant to depict, though by adding the Aquaman hashtag to the post, clearly this would have tied into the character displaying his heroism on the high seas. His introduction in Justice League's theatrical cut was much more mundane, with Bruce Wayne confronting him in a remote fishing community to reveal Arthur Curry's heroic alter ego.

Following Snyder's success with Man of Steel, he became the driving creative force of the DCEU franchise, with many of the films becoming box office sensations, despite suffering poor reviews. Similar to how Marvel's The Avengers was the payoff for years of storytelling, Justice League was primed to deliver the biggest adventure ever seen for DC Comics superheroes, with the project initially conceived as being two parts of one complete story.

Sadly, Snyder stepped away from the production after suffering a family tragedy, with Joss Whedon stepping in to finish principal photography and helm reshoots. With the theatrical cut of the film having a more humorous and playful tone than Snyder's previous DCEU efforts, fans began demanding that the "Snyder Cut" of the film be released, despite Snyder earning sole directorial credit on the film.


Given Justice League's critical and financial disappointments, Warner Bros. will likely never reveal Snyder's unused sequences.

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