'Justice League' Has Biggest Box Office Opening Of All Time In Brazil

Warner Bros. and DC Films' Justice League opened in Brazil on Wednesday night to record numbers at the country's box office.

The movie grossed $12.9 million reals (Brazilian currency) on Wednesday night in Brazil according to Omelete, which happened to be a national holiday for the country. It is a new record for the biggest opening night of all time, edging The Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn Part 2's $11 million reals. The Twilight film also released on November 15 in 2012.

The second largest super hero film to open in Brazil was Captain America: Civil War, pulling in $10.1 million reals in its opening night. Closely behind those titles is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which nabbed $9.2 million reals in the South American nation.

In the U.S., Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opened to just over $166 million before going on to gross a total of $330 million domestically for a total of $873 million worldwide.


Currently, Justice League is expected to open to $110 million stateside but the number might just bump up after strong international turnouts. For comparison, fellow November 2017 comic book movie Thor: Ragnarok opened to $122 million, which came on the heels of predictions expecting about $126 million in its opening weekend.

Preview night screenings of Justice League begin on Thursday in the United States, ahead of a full release on Friday, November 3.