‘Justice League’ Star Ray Fisher Tests Out Six Flags’ Cyborg Ride

Ray Fisher, who stars as the DCEU’s Cyborg in Justice League, returned to his home state of New Jersey to ride Six Flags Great Adventure’s freshly-opened Cyborg Cyber Spin.

The first ride of its kind in North America and the first ride in the world themed to DC Comics’ half-man, half-machine superhero, Cyborg Cyber Spin utilizes a gyroscope motion to bring riders an intense anti-gravity experience as it spins on three axes — seven stories above the ground.

Cyborg joins Batman The Ride, Bizarro, Green Lantern, Harley Quinn Crazy Train, Superman: Ultimate Flight, The Joker, The Dark Knight Coaster, and 4D experience Justice League: Battle for Metropolis as the latest DC Comics-inspired attraction at the New Jersey theme park.

Six Flags Great Adventure next adds Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth — the world’s tallest pendulum ride — to its Metropolis area spring 2019.

As Cyborg’s superhero Justice League co-stars gear up for their own spinoff solo movies — Warner Bros. releases Aquaman in December, with new solos for Wonder Woman, Flash, and Batman now in the works — Fisher remains hopeful the studio will see the value in a Cyborg-led movie despite a likely costly price tag.

“I don’t know. I can’t comment on that specifically, because they don’t tell me anything until the very last minute,” Fisher said when asked about a Cyborg movie during New Jersey’s Heroes & Villains FanFest.


“There’s a ton of people making those kind of decisions behind the scenes. And it would be a very, very costly movie to make because it is so CGI heavy with Cyborg, because I’m the only member of the League that’s not in a practical costume. You’re going to be looking at $200 million just to make it. So it’s one of those things you have to take into consideration. It’s a numbers game for some people at the end of the day.”

Despite no apparent movement on Cyborg, Fisher quelled recent rumors when he took to social media to shut down talks he was exiting the role. It is not yet known when Fisher next reprises his role of Victor Stone, a football star-turned-superhero following a devastating accident that left him more machine than man.