'Justice League' Passes $600 Million At Worldwide Box Office

Justice League may not have been the blockbuster that fans of the DC Extended Universe as well as Warner Bros. had hoped for, that doesn't mean that the film was a complete box office failure. Justice League is still in theaters and now the superhero team up film has passed the $600 million global box office mark.

According to Variety, Justice League wrapped up its fourth weekend in theaters with around $9.6 million, bringing it's 24-day total take to $212.1 million. With an international total of $401 million, the film has pushed past the $600 million mark bringing it that much closer to reaching the $700-$750 million it needs in order to turn a small profit.

The report also says that these current keep Justice League on the list of the top ten biggest movies of 2017 with Justice League ranking right at 10th. However, the film is still the lowest performer of the five DCEU films, falling far short of Wonder Woman's incredible $318 million domestic box office take over the same 24-day time period. And making the top ten isn't the only silver lining. Justice League's performance this weekend helped push Warner Bros. past the $5 billion mark worldwide for the year, only the second time in the studio's history this has happened. Justice League is also wildly popular in China, something that is no doubt helping its overall numbers.

Meanwhile, despite this glimmer of hope for the film's overall box office take, fans are still being vocal about wanting to see a possible Zack Snyder director's cut of the film. With Snyder having left the film due to a family tragedy and Joss Whedon taking over with an end result of a tonally uneven finished product, fans have been calling since Justice League premiered to see what Snyder's original vision would have looked like, even if not fully complete. While some have maintained that there isn't enough Snyder footage to create a special director's cut, the film's sound editor, David Hecker, recently confirmed to Inverse that there is in fact enough unused footage to make the special edition.


"Many scenes and sounds are left on the proverbial cutting room floor,” Hecker said. “The cool part is that on many of these films the studio releases the Director’s Cut with a lot of that material put back in the film for the DVD release, so at least most of the sounds we create will be used one way or another.”

Justice League is currently in theaters.