'Justice League Mortal' Was A Lot Further Into Production Than You May Realize

Justice League hits theaters this November and fans are excited to see a big-screen team up of Batman, Wonder Woman and other heroes to save the world. However, Justice League is not the first time Warner Bros. attempted to unite the heroes and back in 2009, Justice League Mortal was in development for the studio.

While Justice League Mortal sadly never made it to filming, Jay Baruchel who was set to play villain Maxwell Lord in the film was recently a guest on the Happy Sad Confused podcast with Josh Horowitz and revealed that the film was much further into production than was previously thought.

Baruchel revealed that the project, which was set to film in Australia, was nearly ready to go.

"They had all the costume design. They had all of the pre-vis. They had all of the sort of production design figure doubt, and they would take us and walk us through this command center where they had everything," Baruchel said.

"The aesthetic choices that they were making and the story and character choices they were making are so ballsy, and we won't ever see it."

Justice League Mortal — which already had a cast in place with Armie Hammer as Batman, DJ Cotrona as Superman, Megan Gale as Wonder Woman and Adam Brody as The Flash — would have been a lot more brutal than Justice League appears to be, including an introduction to Wonder Woman in a very bloody scene.

Announced in 2007, Mortal was supposed to have a 2009 release date but despite being so far into production was pulled, due in part to the 2007-2008 writer's strike leaving fans to wonder what might have happened if Warner Bros. been able to salvage the movie.


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