'Justice League' And 'Batman v Superman' Have A Clever Crossover Easter Egg

Justice League, which debuted in theaters earlier this month, gave fans plenty of Easter eggs and [...]

Justice League, which debuted in theaters earlier this month, gave fans plenty of Easter eggs and new information to chew on. As it turns out, that includes a pretty sly connection to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Spoilers for Justice League below!

Reddit user throweroftheaways recently pointed out a parallel between the two films, which you can check out below. As the photo comparison shows, a newspaper headline about a manufactured "supergerm" can be seen in the home of Wallace Keefe (Scoot McNairy) in Batman v Superman. This supergerm then returns on the cover of a tabloid newspaper in Justice League, with the headline threatening that the germ "could end humanity."

OBSERVATION: Found an interesting occurrence in BvS and JL from DC_Cinematic

So what could this mean for the DCEU? On the surface, it might just seem like a bit of added world-building, and a way of highlighting the conspiracy theory aspect of the media. But could this could hint at something more, possibly even the DCEU's version of the Amazo Virus?

The initial headline in BvS hints that the supergerm was manufactured with the ability to "end humanity", before it was ultimately stopped by Clark Kent/Superman (Henry Cavill). If you interpret "end humanity" in more esoteric manner, this could hint at the Amazo Virus' capabilities - bestowing its infected subjects with a random metahuman power, before either brainwashing or killing them.

There is, also, the nature of who the Amazo Virus is most notably tied to. In the pages of DC Comics, the Amazo Virus is developed by Lex Luthor, as a way of supressing the abilities of potentially dangerous metahumans. This is certainly something that the DCEU's version of Lex would want to do, considering his crusade against Superman and the tabs he kept on other superheroes.

Of course, this is all just conjecture, and the supergerm could very well just be an insignificant runner throughout both films. Fans will just have to see Justice League to see for themselves.