Justice League Snyder Cut Drops a Major Hint About the DC Films Multiverse

Zack Snyder's Justice League drops a major door-opening hint about the larger DC Multiverse that's [...]

Zack Snyder's Justice League drops a major door-opening hint about the larger DC Multiverse that's coming. Truth be told, there are quite a few ways that Zack Snyder lays the groundwork for future DC films to exist within a larger Multiverse, which will be at the center of The Flash movie, and could affect many other DC franchises, going forward. However, to hammer the foreshadow home for even the most obtuse viewer. Snyder goes so far as to name-drop the multiverse in a line of dialogue. Admittedly, there is quite a bit of DC universe exposition in Zack Snyder's Justice League, so it's okay if you missed it...

Warning: Zack Snyder's Justice League SPOILERS Follow!

One of the biggest changes in the Snyder Cut of Justice League is no doubt the villain(s). Steppenwolf's backstory is greatly expanded to include all the lore of his home planet Apokolips, and his relationship to its master, Darkseid. Snyder's story makes it clear that Steppenwolf betrayed Darkseid in past attempted coup - only to switch sides and turn on his fellow uprisers, in hopes of avoiding Darkseid's wrath. Well, Darkseid doesn't do mercy, so instead Steppenwolf was banished and tasked with conquering tens of thousands of worlds, as repayment to Darkseid.

After Steppenwolf steals both the Amazonian and Atlantean Mother Boxes, the living computers commune with him to reveal a startling truth: Earth is the hiding place of the Anti-Life Equation and the site where Darkseid last his battle with defenders of Ancient Earth. DC Fans sat up and took careful note during the scene where Steppenwolf shares his discovery of the Anti-Life Equation with his masters on Apokolips:

"I bring news," Steppenwolf tells Darkseid's assistant, Desaad. "Before mighty Darkseid came to the throne he searched the universe for the ultimate weapon: the Anti-Life Equation. The Key to controlling all life and all will, throughout the multiverse."

The Anti-Life Equation is indeed what Steppenwolf describes: an equation that allows the user to control all life, and willpower, throughout the multiverse. As Zack Snyder has previously revealed, his larger plan for the Snyderverse saga (starting back with Batman v Superman's first "Knightmare" scene), was that Darkseid would eventually come to Earth and claim the Anti-LIfe Equation - giving him the power to bend Superman's will (after slaughtering Lois Lane), and create the Evil Superman of the Knightmare world.

Zack Snyder Justice League DC Multiverse Teases Connections Spoilers
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However, with so much of the DC Films Universe now in flux, this name-drop of the DC Multiverse from Steppenwolf could become much more significant. The Flash movie will see the hero messing with the Multiverse by altering timelines - and now Darkseid is positioned to be THE threat in any version of the DC Universe. That's been the villain's goal in the comics (as recently as this year's "Infinite Frontier" reboot). Why should the movies be any different?

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