Zack Snyder Fans Launch New Website To Support Release Of 'Justice League' Director's Cut

There is now an official website dedicated to campaigning Warner Bros. for the release of Zack Snyder's cut of Justice League. After more than a month of heavy chatter, Snyder's DC fanbase has launched a website for the Justice League Snyder Cut - and it's a pretty snazzy one, at that.

You can head over to For Snyder Cut to get a look at the website.

The site offers some pretty nicely designed big gifs of using bible verses and Snyder DC movie imagery as a proclamation of their hopes; there's a cool interactive timeline of all the news headlines and editorials about the Snyder Cut; the obligatory petition; a collection of social media and message board reactions from fans; and an extensive archive of news articles and editorials from all over the Internet.

This is probably one of the more elaborate and passion-fueled presentations for a director's cut that we've ever seen. Even if Warner Bros. doesn't release the cut, they should definitely look into who designed this site, and put them on the DC Films payroll!

In terms of the FSC's intent: there's growing incentive for WB and DC Films to polish up and release Snyder's version of the film, as there is clearly a sizeable sub-culture of fans that want to see it. The question the studio is probably weighing is whether or not there is a potential audience beyond that sub-culture.


Of course there is always a middle ground: a digital exclusive release or weekend theatrical run would be a good testing ground, with some kind of home video release thereafter, if the sales prove worthy.

If you want to see the Justice League Snyder Cut, head over to FSC and lend your support to the cause.