'Krypton' Season 2 Has Reportedly Wrapped Filming

Krypton's first season left off on a shocking note, with Seg-El sucked into the Phantom Zone and General Dru-Zod taking charge of Krypton. It's a situation that left fans eagerly waiting the second season of the SYFY series and now, it looks like we're getting a bit closer to that very thing. Krypton has reportedly finished shooting Season 2.

Writer for Krypton Luke Kalteux shared a message to Twitter on Sunday marking the end of shooting for Krypton's second season.

"Shooting on season 2 complete! Happy Wrap to my friends on set of @KryptonSYFY for the incredible, hard work! To #Krypton fans -- get ready for something special. I promise s2 will at least be as exciting as this pinball game I saw in Belfast," the tweet reads.

While there aren't a lot of details about the upcoming second season of Krypton -- including its premiere date -- the idea of Seg and Zod eventually facing off is one that fans have expected since last season's finale. In the finale, Seg (Cameron Cuffe) sends Brainiac into the Phantom Zone, but ends up dragged there himself, believing he's saved the future and Superman's existence. However, Zod (Colin Salmon) destroys the panel that could have been used to rescue Seg and it's revealed that in a very short period of time, Zod is ruling Krypton -- and the future isn't so Super anymore. According to Cuffe, there will be a time jump going into Season 2 and the show's ensemble will be in some pretty dire places.

"So we do pick up with a little bit of a time jump," Cuffe told ComicBook.com last year. "It's about five months after the end of Season 1. Zod's taken control of Krypton. He's instituted his regime. And the funny thing is, with our characters, with where we've left off in Season 1, they're all in a massive state of flux."

That state of flux isn't the only interesting thing about the upcoming second season. Brainiac (Blake Ritson) will return while Kryptonian superheroes Nightwing and Flamebird are set to be introduced in Season 2 as well. On top of that Lobo is set to be the season's Big Bad and Emmett J. Scanlan, the actor who will play the fan-favorite Czarnian, recently gave fans a new look at the character.

Scanlan shared a new photo of himself as Lobo to Instagram recently, along with a jokingly lie-filled caption about his adventures as the character.

"Jason Momoa calls for LOBO to be in @aquamanmovie 2 & for the 1st time ever, the actor playing the TV version will also play the movie one," Scanlan wrote. "In other news, I'm lying. I’ll be doing my own movie instead. Lying. Fact is I'm not available, too fuckin busy. Literally can't stop lying."

Cuffe said he is excited for Lobo on Krypton.

"We're really excited to work with Lobo because in the comics he's such a broad character, he's an almost ridiculous character and like some people would say how's he going to work with the tone of the show," Cuffe said. "That's a challenge we're really excited to work with and I think Seg's going to be spending a lot of tie with him which will be cool."

Are you excited for Krypton's second season? Let us know in the comments below.

Season 2 of Krypton will debut sometime in 2019 on SYFY.



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