SPOILER Dies in 'Krypton' Premiere

Syfy's Krypton officially made its television debut tonight -- and the show's first episode [...]

Syfy's Krypton officially made its television debut tonight -- and the show's first episode resulted in quite a few casualties.

Major spoilers for the pilot episode of Krypton below!

Tonight's episode established the series' titular world, as well as the journey of Seg (Cameron Cuffe), the man who would ultimately grow to become Superman's grandfather. But before that, Seg's family tree underwent some major changes.

In the episode's opening scene, Seg's grandfather, Val-El (Ian McElhinney), was put on trial for his crimes against the government. In a heartbreaking few moments, Val-El was convicted of his crimes, and was subsequently sentenced to death. Seg and his parents watched as Val-El was brought onto a platform where he was banished to die outside of the bottle city of Kandor.

As the episode went on, viewers became acquainted with the adult version of Seg, who had established a sort of life for himself and his parents despite them no longer holding rank. A wrench was thrown into that plan with the arrival of Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos), a man from the future who left Seg with a mysterious crystal.

Seg told his parents about the gift from Adam, and his mom, Charys (Paula Malcomson) ultimately offered to help explain what it meant. Charys and Seg stole a skimmer, driving it to a mountain on the outskirts of town. Inside of it was none other than Val-El's Fortress of Solitude, which he had used to discover that Krypton wasn't alone in the universe.

The stolen skimmer quickly caught the attention of the royal guards, who tracked down Charys and put her on trial as well. During the trial, Seg almost stepped forward to admit that he had helped Charys, but his father (played by Rupert Graves) stepped up and took the fall. Shortly after, both of Seg's parents were killed as they were shot dead by Alura (Ann Ogbomo).

So, there you have it. By the pilot's end, Krypton truly lives up to its promotional material, making Seg "the last of the House of El". And as the series goes on, fans can expect that pressure to influence Seg's journey in a unique way.

"Ultimately [the journey] is about the struggle of the House of El and how it redeems its honor," Cuffe told ComicBook.com during last year's San Diego Comic-Con. "Very early on in our story, through no fault of Seg's own, he goes to the very top of the Kryptonian society, this great House of El, and ends up growing up at the very bottom and has to struggle to survive.

"There is this legacy at play and he sort of understands it, but it seems very very far away from him because he's just trying to survive," Cuffe contined. "He's a hustler. And the story for Seg is how he - how that symbol starts to mean what it means, and how he grows to fill it."

Krypton airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Syfy.