'Legends of Tomorrow' Gives Ava and Gideon Superhero Names (Briefly)

John Diggle is Spartan now, and Felicity Smoak is Overwatch -- so have you ever wondered what [...]

John Diggle is Spartan now, and Felicity Smoak is Overwatch -- so have you ever wondered what names characters like Ava Sharpe and Gideon (The shipboard AI) would go by if, for whatever reason, DC's Legends of Tomorrow found a cause to give them superhero identities?

Well, speculate no further! Tonight on the Legends of Tomorrow midseason finale, "Legends of To-Meow-Meow," fans got glimpses of the team put through a number of variant realities, reinvented each time as a result of some brush with the fantastic.

And in one -- a Charlie's Angels-inspired vignette in which all of the male Legends have died -- Gideon takes physical form as Hard Drive, and Ava joins the field team as Roundhouse.

In the comics, Roundhouse is not a beautiful blonde who works for the government, but rather a teenager named Billy Wu. Wu is a young hero who can transform his body into a ball, and is a member of Damian Wayne's Teen Titans.

Hard Drive, ironically, does have some government ties -- but only after his time as a superhero. Jeremy Horton was a powerful telekinetic and also has telepathic powers of persuasion, which he kept a secret from his teammates in the '90s series Young Heroes in Love. Hard Drive has preconceived notions as to how the team members should behave and interact, and was not above manipulating their minds and behaviors to fit these notions (perhaps a nod to Maxwell Lord, who had similar shady behavior at the time in Justice League International and its successor books). He eventually had a nervous breakdown, retired from being a hero, and became the governor of Connecticut.

Whether Ava and Gideon will ever adopt those names in the field or not is anybody's guess; they themselves will likely never remember that the bizarre jaunt through time that was this week's episode ever happened. As far as Ava is concerned, no time passed between when she and Sara were fighting Mike the Spike at the end of last week and when the timeline was realigned this week.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow is finished for the year, and will return in spring 2019. The series airs on Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT, following episodes of Arrow on The CW.