'Legends of Tomorrow' Just Revealed the Purr-fect Episode Title

It looks like Legends of Tomorrow's episode titles are only getting better and better.

Keto Shimizu, who serves as showrunner on the hit The CW series, recently shared a photo of the show's newest episode script. The script, which you can check out below, reveals that the title is "Legends of To-Meow-Meow", above a picture of a cat bursting out of the script page.

This title, which seems to be the new version of "Someone's Getting Fired for This", will follow such gems such as "The Virgin Gary", "Wet Hot American Bummer", and "Tagumo Attacks!!!". This one in particular feels like a special blend of adorable and self-aware, and certainly begs the question of what kind of cat creature could factor into the episode. Seeing as the season is expected to pit the team against "magical fugitives" scattered across history, there certainly are a lot of options.

"In typical Legends fashion, having saved the world and solving one big problem, they have actually launched a whole other set of problems — and this one being magical fugitives, as we're calling them." Shimizu told ComicBook.com earlier this year. "Creatures from myth, legend, fairy tales have now been spat out all over the timeline. The timeline has now been infected, essentially, with these magical creatures and it's now the Legends' job to clean up their mess."

"It's a combo [of original and established creatures]." Shimizu continued. "There will be some that will be very, vary familiar, but of course with a Legends spin, so not quite the creature you're familiar with but our version of that creature. And then we will do some deep dives into some more obscure creatures, and of course in order to battle this new type of threat, which none of us are magical ourselves, none of us know how to battle these things, we enlist the help of a certain warlock to come join us and help us in that crusade."

Judging by recent promotional material for Season 4, it sounds like Legends is going to get even more wacky and self-aware than ever, something that the cast and crew are happy to bring to television.

"Sometimes you just get lucky with your performers and the themes and the world you create," co-showrunner Phil Klemmer said in a previous interview with ComicBook.com. "The problem is we're doing this stuff so far in advance that if you make a mistake, there's not really righting the ship. It does feel like a small miracle when you get to the end of season and you look back on it and it feels coherent. You're like, 'You know what? It's crazy and it's wacky but ...' And not that we had any of this planned ahead of time because we're not that conscientious or intelligent, but the fact that we're able to pull all of the wild, disparate, loose ends in some semblance of a bow. It does feel, I don't know, more that anything, you just feel like a giant relief and humility."


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The season four premiere of Legends of Tomorrow, which is titled "The Virgin Gary", will debut on Monday, October 22nd, at 9/8c on The CW.