Here's How Tonight's Legends of Tomorrow Sets Up the Rest of Season 5

Legends of Tomorrow's fifth season has been entirely set in a post-"Crisis on Infinite Earths" world, and it's been interesting to see exactly what that entails. In between run-ins with a litany of historical figures and a lot of epic character moments, the show has been establishing how it will navigate the new world of Earth-Prime. In the series' latest episode, we got a surprising indication of exactly what that will entail, which is definitely expected to reverberate in the episodes to come. Spoilers for tonight's episode of Legends of Tomorrow, "A Head of Her Time", below! Only look if you want to know!

As most of the team dealt with Marie Antoinette (Courtney Ford) in the 1700s, John Constantine (Matt Ryan), Gary Green (Adam Tsekhman), and Charlie (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) continued to deal with things at the Newcastle Crew house. In particular, John reevaluated his decades-long relationship with Natalie, the mom of Astra Logue (Olivia Swann) who eventually committed suicide and became a sort of ghost. At one point, Natalie showed John a flashback of sorts to themselves as kids, creating something called the "Loom of Fate" as a way to bring their loved ones back to life. John wondered what happened with the loom, only for Charlie to reveal that she had a surprising tie to it.

As Charlie explained, she had previously scattered pieces of the loom across the multiverse, but they - and her past - recently began to come back to haunt her. Charlie almost dove into more detail of what that entailed, but was interrupted by John seemingly being violently killed by Astra.

As showrunner Phil Klemmer explained during a recent Q&A, the mystery of the Loom of Fate - and how those pieces will come back together - will have an interesting effect. on the episodes to come.

"I think, just the mechanism of our kind of mythology is all sort of predicated on something that was busted up into parts and hidden throughout the multiverse for the sake of safekeeping," Klemmer explained. "And now that things have been smooshed, it's brought this clear and present danger of 'Oh maybe it's not so safe anymore.'"

The fact that Charlie began to share that information with John is certainly interesting as well, and is apparently a sign of their "unique" relationship.

"Constantine's the one who just gets under her skin," Richardson-Sellers told reporters. "He's the one who really challenges her, pushes her, doesn't let her get away with anything. And that definitely does grow into a sort of understanding, which she has for him and he has for her, that none of the other ones really do. They have a unique special bond."

"He knows more about her than any other of the Legends," co-showrunner Keto Shimizu echoed. "And there's a reason that we'll discover, that [Charlie was] drawn to him. There's something pushing you there. But there was also, I think an emotional thing pushing you there."


Are you excited to see how the Loom of Fate impacts Legends of Tomorrow going forward? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.