Lucifer Star Tom Ellis Wants Planned Parenthood Donations Instead of Wedding Presents

Lucifer star Tom Ellis is preparing to get hitched, and it looks like the fan-favorite actor is asking for a very specific kind of wedding present. Earlier this month, both Ellis and his fiancee Meaghan Oppenheimer took to Twitter to respond to fans asking where to send gifts for their upcoming nuptials. As they both revealed, they would like fans who feel inclined to celebrate their wedding to donate to Planned Parenthood.

Ellis and Oppenheimer have been dating since 2015, and have been public about their engagement since October of last year. Although there's no telling exactly when the pair will get hitched, the idea that they want to make positive change through the occasion will surely tug at fans' heartstrings.

Ellis, whose filmography also includes Miranda and Isn't It Romantic, has gained a legion of fans over the past few years thanks to his portrayal of Lucifer's title character. While the show's fate was briefly put in jeopardy when it was cancelled by FOX last year, it has since found a second life on Netflix.

"I'm excited about the fact that we are 10 episodes now as opposed to 22, which means we can get right down to the storytelling, and every episode will count," Ellis said once the show was saved. "From my point of view as an actor, that's great. One of the things that we have to be careful about as well is that the reason the show was so popular was because of the way it was. We don't want to mess around too much with that."

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All four seasons of Lucifer are now available to stream on Netflix.