Margot Robbie Confirms Harley Quinn Role Next Year

DC Films has a lot of different projects in the works and many of them feature Harley Quinn, but [...]

DC Films has a lot of different projects in the works and many of them feature Harley Quinn, but fans are curious about what movie Margot Robbie will appear next in.

The actor finally confirmed that she'll be reprising her role as the psychologist-turned-psycho criminal in a production next year, stopping shy of revealing what movie she's appearing in.

Robbie confirmed the news on Variety's "Actors on Actors," alongside Jake Gyllenhaal. The episode is scheduled to debut on January 2.

Rumors about Suicide Squad 2 starting production in 2018 have been floating around for a few months now, especially in the wake of the project securing The Accountant director Gavin O'Connor.

O'Connor will be writing and directing the film, though Warner Bros. has yet to confirm the 2018 start date. However, with Robbie's recent comments it's probably a safe guess that's where Harley Quinn will pop up next.

Although, she could be referring to the recently announced animated series, which she is rumored to be a part of.

Robbie also said she originally took on the gig because of David Ayer's movie End of Watch, which Gyllenhaal starred in.

"The reason I signed on for Suicide Squad was because I love End of Watch so much and I saw it about four times at the cinema," Robbie said.

She reiterated her love for the Suicide Squad character and her intention to stick with the role as long as she can.

"Harley's one of those insane characters and people do seem to really like her, so I hope I get to keep playing her."

Though Suicide Squad 2 is likely next on the docket, that's not the only project featuring Robbie's take on Harley Quinn in the works.

There are rumors of a Gotham City Sirens movie directed by Ayer, which would also feature Batman villains Catwoman and Poison Ivy. Though Ayer has stated he's currently working on the project, little progress has been revealed on the movie's status.

Then there's the proposed Joker and Harley Quinn "Mad Love" inspired project, featuring a twisted take on the two characters' romance.

Robbie has at least one more project to look forward to, with other possibilities for the future.

Suicide Squad 2 is rumored to be released in theaters in 2019.